Portuguese Courses

Practical Portuguese Language Courses for your Organization

We teach from Basic, Intermediary, to Advanced Portuguese Language Courses. We offer various levels of Portuguese Courses in order to service all people and organizations from primary schools to the university academic.

Students all over the Education Sector learn Portuguese as a foreign second language, which forms part of their studies. We teach at private and public schools, and Universities.

Embassies, Government Institutions and other state entities want their staff to learn how to speak Portuguese, so they rely in our Corporation to teach them how to speak the Portuguese Language.

Learned a bit of Portuguese, simple phrases, can easily use it on holiday in Portuguese speaking country.

Niels Wennekes, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Talk Portuguese - Begin to Talk the Basics of Portuguese

Talk as You Walk, a basic, everyday situation beginner course.

The course runs for 3 to 6 consecutive months.

A room with minimal conditions for classes, with chairs, a table, and preferably a writing board.

Talk Portuguese As you Walk - Improve your Portuguese

Speak as You Run, an Intensive Portuguese course beyond the basics.

In this course we teach more Portuguese in a shorter period of time.

An available class room at your disposal.

Talk Portuguese As you Run - In-Depth Intensive Portuguese Course

This Intensive Course of Portuguese Language is specially designed and developed to meet the needs and socio-professional or academic interests of adults. or young adults seeking to learn the Portuguese Language in a limited space of time.

  • Text Book
  • Activities Book
  • Vocabulary Notebook
  • Double Audio CD
An available classroom at your disposal, with chairs and a table.
1st Period - 20 weeks
2nd Period - 14 weeks