About Us

About Portuguese Language Corporation

Company Historical Benefits

Founded in 2010, Portuguese Language Corporation is a team of resourceful Teachers, qualified Translators and fluent Interpreters. We work in harmony to deliver Language Services for Portuguese, English and French.

  • Our clients have claimed our value in making it easy for them
  • They experienced and expressed their appreciation for our competency
  • They also felt that a positive interaction and attitude

Analyzing the work done by your company in this meeting, you had a responsible attitude, competency and easy interaction with the participants.

Helder F Pitta Groz, Vice Attorney General of Angola

Who We Are and What We Do

Resourceful Language Teachers and Lecturers

We skilfully and methodically teach you as you learn to communicate the spoken Portuguese and English languages. E.g. Grammar, syntax, orthography, pronunciation, etc.

Qualified Translators

Translation differs from Interpretation and we integrate both in our language services. Our qualified Translators produce translations mainly for official purposes, e.g. for emigration, court documents, educational certificates, etc.

Skilfull Interpreters

Interpreting involves real-time conversion from one language to another. Our Interpreters are fluent to interpret languages between Portuguese, English and French, e.g. multi-cultural conferences and meetings.

Our Philosophy

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How We Do It

Service Methodology

We employ tried and tested approaches to our service provisions, making your learning time worthwhile, accurate translations and efficient Interpretations.

Language Courses and Lessons

The way we deliver our Courses and Lessons depends on your real world situation. This will define whether to focus on grammar rules, reading, listening or writing.

  • Courses and Lessons carried interactively
  • Practical activities that support every topic
  • Multimedia of audio-visual aid

Documentation Translations

Depending on the nature of your documentation, we ensure translations mirror the source, strictly adhering to the form of the original document.

Spoken Interpretations

Portuguese, English and French Language fluency is not the only requirement. In general we have developed a professional, naturally flowing way of Interpreting, rewarded by good listening skills and decision-making.

From one student to a whole class, from a single document to a whole pile, from one person to many. We have Service.

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Connect with the Portuguese Language Corporation Team

Mrs Teresa A

Mrs Teresa A

Renowned Portuguese Teacher

Victor de Oliveira

Victor de Oliveira

Certified Interpreter

Skilled staff

Skilled staff

Copy Editors, Proof Readers

Dario Alfredo

Dario Alfredo

Copywriter, Translator, Interpreter